Tuesday, August 14, 2007

To begin

Reality is boring.

What: Creative multi-aspect project with livelihood earning potential, even if meagre. Mostly for fun, but with intellectual, artistic, financial and other possibilities.

Focus: I love natural aromas and Asia. Imagine if I was a trader/perfumer from a past time exploring Asia for raw materials and perfumes. For this is what i intend to do in the real world when capitalized and prepared.

Secondary elements: living history work (acting, teaching, tourist guide, writing), costumery business, (service, retail, website) etc.

Purpose: To create a historical persona or personas, with…

a. costume: Essential - genuine materials, authentic design, hand-made, plus suited to my tastes

b. vocational skill: Useful - craft/art/profession/business, especially those I have in the real world.

c. language skills: Necessary - Period English and/or foreign language. Want to be able to talk to people, in the lingo of the time and place.

d. apropriate music: Extra - ideally live or even on my own, but at the very least suitable mp3s!

e. knowledge of period: Necessary - job, religion, geography, history, arts, politics, etc – especially aspects I like in the real world.

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