Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Climate maps of India

# ___ - Climatic zones of India, from Wikipedia.

#__ - from 'maps of India'. That company produces a CD of various thematic maps - US$50 to overseas. Hey, I am learning how to use my Mac. Turns out that if I click and drag it'll move to my desktop. Great! I discovered this, like many computer things, accidently.

#___ - from Stanford University. Obviously, political designations have changed.

# __ & bottom (last picture) -

Wow! Not *that's* a link! This map allows the viewer to look at a map of India, choose the target climate zone and then see it colour coded superimposition. It appears to not be immediately downloadable as a jpeg - so I finally taught myself how to do a selective screen capture. The website source is CLEAR, an organization promoting architecture.

What has this information got to do with an Anglo in Asia in the early modern period? Well, I doubt that much has changed in 400 years and I'd like to know more about trading destinations. There are other reasons, but this is the one relevant to this blog.

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